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turn that frown upside down

I have a slew of whiners in my Facebook feed and it's driving me mad. What's wrong with you people? Stop complaining! Most of you are healthy, have jobs, have partners, great kids, money and a roof over your heads (we wouldn't be Facebook friends if you didn't have any of these things!)

I'm not going to single any of you people out but keep this in mind when you're filling in your status updates. If you've typed in something about feeling sick, getting sick, being stressed, hating your life etc. etc. please delete and wait to post something a little more productive. I don't care and I don't want to know!

Put on a happy face!


October 21, 2010 by Alanna Banks
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Jess said:

I’m behind on my Fridaysoff reading – this is hilarious. Love it and totally agree!


Jen said:



Jen said:

Having a bad day? Felt you had to share???

The Hubs

The Hubs said:

I tots agree, Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Dooooooo


stacey said:

yup – that is one reason i am off FB for now. Also, perhaps you may want to consider checking out this link….be warned though it is not clean language but the message is spot on!

I also think it might be a bit of inspiration for Movember.

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