Excited to say that I'm off to NYC for the second time this year (I'm so lucky!) This time I'm going with my hubs to celebrate our wedding anniversary and his birthday (how romantic). We don't have much planned but do have a few restaurants booked and intend on visiting the Whitney Museum and spending a day in Brooklyn. I'm also interested in finding some cool fabric stores in the garment district. I'm still searching, but will blog about any that I find when I return.

Any reccos? Recommend away...

August 31, 2010 — Alanna Banks



Jackie said:

Hi! Lovely blog, by the way! Ah, going to NYC! You lucky duck. I met my husband there so it holds a special place in my heart. You probably already know it but I’d be amiss if I didn’t give props to Serendipity III. If you adore all things decadent and ice cream-esque, you MUST sample their Forbidden Broadway Sundae. Skip their regular meals and go straight to dessert. It’s the only way to dine at Serendipity!

There’s also a lovely old school neighbourhood Italian called Cafe Fiorello on the Upper West Side (not too far up – you can even walk to it from Central Park South). Really yummy food (try their chocolate mousse dessert made at your table), and maybe spot a famous face or two. It’s the type of place that has little metal plaques in the booths reserving the space for their old monied clients. We saw Fran Drescher there (yep, the Nanny!). Actually we heard the voice first then saw her! Whatever you do, ENJOY! I’m beyond envious!

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