first day of spring

I just had a major nostalgic music moment! Do you remember these guys? If you and I are in the same age range/anything alike we both likely spent the majority of the mid 90s pining away in our bedrooms listening to a lot of Canadian new rock radio and making mix tapes (sob!).

This song just brouht me back. Enjoy fellow 80s babies. 


July 20, 2010 by Alanna Banks
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Robi said:

Aaaah I don’t even have to listen to it, you sent me back!!


stacey said:

strange – I was just thinking of this song at the Dr’s office today (yes literally just before I ran into you) because she used the word “ruminate” which of course, is a lyric in this song! So funny how things like this happen!
oh I do love this song! thanks for the memory!

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