On my eternal quest for "green" products I'm giving method Laundry Detergent a spin (ha!). Apparently you can find it at Shopper's but we had to buy it online. I must say my first impression was slightly negative considering it arrived at our house in a huge box filled with that nasty styrofoam popcorn packing stuff (really?).

Anyway, I haven't tried it out but here's what sold us:

  • just a few tiny squirts delivers BIG cleaning power (amazingly concentrated)
  • biodegradable, 95% plant-based formula, 70% less detergent, water and plastic per load (except when you order it online and it arrives in a huge box)
  • hypo-allergenic
  • smells great (it better!)

Now off to do some laundry.

July 08, 2010 — Alanna Banks



steph said:

alanna – i just started using this detergent a few weeks ago too (I wasn’t very happy with my former “green” detergent) – and I LOVE IT! I use just 4 pumps with a large load and it gets everything super clean. it gets my vote :)


steph said:

alanna-how do you like your Method? though I still love it – my pet peeve is that as you get near the bottom of the bottle, it doesn’t give you a full “squirt” with each pump. So I started a new bottle, and will empty the rest of the first bottle into the second bottle, once there is room. and there is no way to know when you start to get skimped on the “squirt”.

am I a geek for returning to your post and leaving a followup comment? ha ha…

you’re doing a great job.

Alanna Banks

Alanna Banks said:

Ha you’re funny Steph! I actually haven’t been able to use it yet, as I’ve been waiting for our other detergent to finish up. We’re nearing the end so I’ll let you know if I have the same problem.

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