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i am neurotic (and so are you)

Those that know me well know that I can be slightly neurotic and generally like to worry. I was that kid who would rewrite class notes until they were perfect, brushed my hair 1000 times a day, and thought that criticism was the worst. Now I like to think I've outgrown the perfectionism and replaced it with stupid neuroses like never taking the top lid at Starbucks, not eating out of communal bowls, and wiping my hand on my leg after someone shakes it (ya I know!). That's why when I was given this book, i am neurotic (and so are you), for Christmas I was happy to learn that I wasn't alone. In fact, I'm not even as bad as I thought. As I skimmed through the pages I could relate to many of the neuroses but some far exceeded mine (thank God!).

The book is a result of what started as a blog and ballooned from there because people are generally crazy.

Here are some of my favourite excerpts:

"I cannot stand touching the condiment bottles at restaurants. I either wipe them down first or get my husband to apply my condiments for me."

"Everytime I blow my nose I have to see what's in the tissue."

"Whenever I finish using my webcam, I have to cover it with a piece of paper in case someone hacks into my computer and uses it to look at me."

Check out the book and determine what your neuroses are. I know you have some.

June 16, 2010 by Alanna Banks
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