Bike rides and long walks for ice cream (remind you of anything?) It's summer!!

I love this season and this time of year is the best because it's all just beginning (we have so many months of amazing summer fun to look forward to!). Based on the heat this week, it's going to be a hot one folks. Bring it on!!

Here are some summer pics to get you stoked (if you're not already).

Yummy summer fruit. It always tastes better this time of year.

Hot summer night swims and swimming in the lake up north (if you're from Ontario you know what I mean).

Frolicking and lazing away the day at the park.

Invites to cottages, campfires and getting smoke in your eyes (I hate jack rabbits)

Sandy days at the beach and sunkissed hair.

Here's to 4 more months of pure bliss! Are you excited?

May 25, 2010 — Alanna Banks



stacey said:

Great pics Alanna! i am proud to say that i have already partaken in about 85 % of these incredible summer joys. Yea me and yea summer!

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