It's been another long week y'all and this one was capped off with a lot of stress. I admit I am a little neurotic and my favourite pass time is worrying, but I don't often stress like I did this week (stop laughing, I know people who know me personally are rolling their eyes!)

When stress hits me it goes straight to my head and last night my head was pounding. Fortunately I didn't have plans (thank God!) and I surrendered. Here are some ways I deal with stress. What are yours?

  • Venting (for all you husbands/boyfriends out there, just listen don't talk, let her get it all out)
  • Quiet time (curl up and take a time out for just 20 mins)
  • Advil Liquigels (my saviour!)
  • Bubble bath/shower (when I'm stressed I go straight for a swim in the tub)
  • Steaming cup of Chocolate Ovaltine (deelish!)
  • Long walk (mix with venting, it's the ultimate combo)

Hopefully you're not feeling stressed today! I'm not :) It's the long weekend!!

May 22, 2010 — Alanna Banks

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