Today I'm making lavender bath salts (fun!). They are super easy to make, less expensive and smell way better than the store-bought variety. I made a bunch for Christmas gifts and packaged them in little jars from IKEA, but you can store them in anything you want.

If you're in the mood to try it our yourself. Here's my recipe that I've modified from other recipes I've found online.

4 cups epsom salts (recommend Life brand from Shopper's Drugmart; super cheap)

1 cup coarse salt

12 tablespoons baking soda

32 drops of lavender essential oil/8 drops per cup of epson salts (I use Pure Essential Oils, if you live in Toronto you can buy them at Herbies Herbes)

Just mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl, let sit about 20 minutes and then fill your jars OR take a bath.

April 18, 2010 — Alanna Banks

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